Units in this Preschool program

Outline of the Units in my Preschool

(To understand what the ‘joy’s are in this outline, see “About my preschool” )

Creation Days 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Unit I: Appreciation and Care of Earth and its Animals
I love and will take care of the world that Heavenly Father created for me.
Joy of the Earth

Creation Day 6
Unit II: Trust/Esteem
I am a unique person loved by God with talents
Joy of “Individual Confidence and Uniqueness” “Trust and Confidence to Try” ” Joy of Simple Faith and Receptivity to the Spirit” ” Joy of Gratitude ” “Joy of Knowing God as Father”

Creation Day 6
Unit III: Self Awareness and Control
God has given me a beautiful body I can understand, control and take care of
Joy of the “Body” “Obedience and Decisions” “Preserving Realness, Honesty and Candor”

Creation Day 7
Unit IV: Worship and Awareness of Time
I know how to keep the Sabbath day holy.

Unit V: Family/Sense of Belonging
I belong to a family that loves me and I love them.
Joy of “Family Security, Identity and Pride”
“Spontaneous Delight”

Unit VI: Roles/Duties in a Family
I can do my part to make a happy family.
“Joy of Interest and Curiosity”
“Joy of Imagination and Creativity”
“Joy of Order, Priorities and Goal Striving and FAMILY ROLES (I added last)”

Unit VII: Roles in Friendships/Communities
I know how to be a friend and example and can be respectful and polite to those around me.
Joy of “Sharing and Service” “Joy of Communication and Relationships”